Many times good people fall on hard times. Many of the "working poor" live paycheck-to-paycheck and do not have the extra resources to cover unexpected expenses. In most cases, these families do not qualify for government assistance and do not know where to turn for help.  


A Doorway to Hope offers several programs to assist  families.  Won't you get involved?  The positive impact is powerful and far reaching. Not just for those receiving, but for those giving.  Volunteer families who have been involved since the beginning have built strong relationships with their ‘adopted’ Christmas families and continue this long-standing holiday tradition.

We have more than 200 active volunteers serving the working poor in our community.

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Essentials Baskets 

Household Essentials Baskets


We need you!  We have many ways you can get involved.  Check out our list of volunteer needs below and see if you want to be a part of our team.  If so, please send us a note at or fill out the form on the right.

Fundraising Coordinator 
We are looking for someone to manage fundraising events such as charity shopping events, "Give Back" nights at restaurants and more!  Time commitment: 2-3 small events a year.

Grant Writer

Do you have experience in writing grants seeking funding for non profit organizations?  We need you!

Program Manager

We are looking for someone to oversee all of our programs including  the annual Angel Tree Project, Summer Foods Program and the Essentials Baskets programs. This person will not necessarily be the hands-on coordinator of each project, but will provide consistency and leadership as needed. Time commitment: varies based on each project, but requires year round support.

Donor Relations Coordinator

We have wonderful donors and need to keep them engaged and aware of all the positive ways we are making a difference in our community through their donations.  This role needs an excellent writer and relationship builder.

Marketing Coordinator

Do you love to share news and tell the world about your activities? This role will coordinate all our social media, presentations, email marketing and more. Writing skills, social media engagement experience, and working knowledge of email platforms are desired.

Event Team Members 
We are gearing up for our annual gala and could use extra hands in many areas--media, acquisitions, logistics, entertainment, etc. Please contact Ann Leuth, our wonderful Event Manager for more info.

Many of the families we assist speak Spanish.  We always a have a need for volunteers to help make calls or translate written forms.


Are you handy with a camera and can edit photos for our website and social media?  We need you!


Angel Tree Program
Our Christmas campaign has helped numerous families in-need have a special Christmas. This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals, families, neighborhoods and businesses to adopt a family or make donations to meet the basic needs of those in our community. The children in each adopted family receive two gifts of basic necessities and two gifts of fun items. You can make a difference by:

-Adopting a Family 
-Coordinate your neighborhood or office participation
-Being a translator  (fluent in Spanish)

-Transporting items on December 8th

Summer Foods Program
ADTH is participating in the Wake County Summer Foods Program, a USDA program that provides free, nutritious meals during the summer to children who receive free or reduced price meals during the school year.  Volunteers are needed to help serve meals and organize activities.  We served more than 600 meals last year!  Want to help?  Click here to signup.

Household Essentials Baskets (Wonderful group activity!!)
Sometimes our families-in need have difficulty affording basic necessities like laundry detergent, bath soap or deodorants.  We now have storage and can provide baskets full of household essentials. to our families-in-need year round!  Can you help?  

- Coordinate a group to provide and assemble a minimum of five baskets, or 

- Donate funds to purchase contents of baskets, or

- Shop for items and assemble baskets.

​For more information, please see ADTH Essentials Baskets.pdf

Grocery Gift Cards

We have an ongoing need to provide families with gift cards to local grocery stores. You can help by purchasing and sending or dropping off gift cards to our office.  Our favorite cards are to Food Lion, WalMart, and Target, in $20 or $25 denominations.

Annual Fundraiser 
Each year, we hold a charity event at a local restaurant to benefit our Crisis Fund.  It is a fun event full of camaraderie and great food, all to benefit a good cause.  Won't you join us?  Would you like more information?