Let's Join Forces

ADTH Crisis Fund

Do you know someone in Wake County who is in a crisis? Lets work together and prevent homelessness before it happens. 

Please make sure your submission meets our Crisis Fund Criteria:

At least one adult in household must be working.
You must be an ADTH affiliated social worker who has been working with family for at least 6 months.
The incident has not been a recurring problem of the same type.
The assistance will be once per lifetime, except in special circumstances
All payments will be made directly to the landlord or bill collector
Provisions will be made to ensure the situation does not reoccur
You must provide an update to ADTH within six months and one year post assistance
The family must reside in Wake County

Please include your name and agency, as well as the location of the referral and supporting details.  You will be contacted within 48 hours.

ADTH Angel Tree Program:Do you know of a family who could use a little extra assistance providing gifts to children at Christmas this year? Our Angel Tree Program matches families-in-need with families wanting to adopt a family at Christmas.  

Please make sure your submission meets our Angel Tree Participation Criteria:

  1. The family must reside in Wake County
  2. At least one adult in household must be working- seasonal work is OK
  3. Gifts are for school aged children (under 19) living in the home.
  4. No electronics or gift cards will be given.
  5. ​May only be on ADTH list for five years max.
  6. May only be on one major agency's list for Christmas assistance.

Please verify the above criteria before proceeding.