Open the Door Event Sponsorships

We are honored to have the following companies and families sponsor our Open the Door Event.​​

Did you know 3500 children in Wake County are homeless?  Some sleep in cars.  Some have no beds. Our Crisis Fund helps those who are at a critical juncture and need temporary assistance to get back on their feet.  Any one of us can fall on hard times, but many of the "working poor" live paycheck-to-paycheck and do not have the extra resources to cover unexpected expenses. In most cases, these families do not qualify for government assistance and do not know where to turn for help. Through your generosity, ADTH can help prevent a family's homelessness when a crisis occurs. 

Our Crisis Fund provides emergency funds to prevent eviction to more than 25 families in Wake County annually.  These families had experienced death, cancer, loss of jobs, loss of spouse, abusive relationship etc. and were suddenly faced with losing their home or having to move unexpectedly. This is just one area where your generosity can have a life changing impact in a family's life. 

Please join us for a fun evening at Rey's Restaurant to benefit A Doorway to Hope's Crisis Fund.  Featuring live music from in2Jazzwhile enjoying mouth watering hors d'oeuvres, a decadent dessert bar and the camaraderie of good friends, while helping working poor families in our community.

In addition, Spark Photo Booths will provide a fun place to capture memorable moments with friends!

Ticket sales have now closed.  Thank you for your interest in A Doorway to Hope!


Crisis Fund Donations

Can't join us on September 30th for the Open the Door Charity Event?  No problem!  If you'd like to assist ADTH and help those in need when faced with a crisis, your donation is greatly appreciated.  We have many options for donating.  Please click below to donate with a credit card.  Thank you!